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European Cruising

Europe by Sea – A New Approach to the Old World

Incredible Diversity – Cruise itineraries offer a wide diversity of ports to make your vacation truly memorable. On one Mediterranean cruise you can experience Spain, France, Italy and Croatia. Sail the Baltic Sea and you can visit not just the mesmerizing countries of Scandinavia, but also Russia and Estonia.

Leaving a Ship is Easier than Crossing a Border – Visiting many different countries by land is great in theory, until you have to deal with border crossings. A cruise ship makes it easy: all you do is walk down the gangplank, and you’re instantly in a new country; the cruise staff handles all border control matters on your behalf.

See History Approaching – Nothing compares to sitting on your veranda, watching an historic sea port like Barcelona or Stockholm come slowly into view.


More great reasons to make your next vacation a cruise vacation:

So Much Included – Your cruise fare includes onboard meals, entertainment, activities and much more. Some cruise lines even include shore excursions and alcoholic beverages.

So Much Variety – You have a multitude of options every second you’re onboard—from different restaurants (buffet, Italian bistro, steak house) and bars (jazz, piano, karaoke) to performances (Broadway, comedy, acrobats) and activities (shopping, ice-skating, sun-bathing)—giving you the ability to customize your cruise to perfectly fit your interests and activity level.

So Many Destinations – Can’t decide between Spain, Italy or Greece? How about all three in one trip? Cruising is the easiest way for you to visit many different countries in a short—but memory-packed—amount of time. You unpack once and the world’s greatest cities are brought to you.

So Easy – A cruise vacation is a safe and hassle-free way to experience the world’s most fascinating destinations. Shore excursions with licensed and insured travel providers make it easy for you to step off the ship and into the port’s history and culture.

So Many New Friends – There are plenty of places onboard for you to escape for some personal time, but why would you? A cruise ship is filled with fascinating, like-minded world-travelers like yourself, making it a breeze to make new, life-long friends.

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