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European Destination

European Destinations

Explore at Your Pace – A travel agent can match you with a guided vacation that perfectly fits your expectations, physical ability and desired pace, whether you want a relaxing and enlightening tour of Scottish castles or a face-paced trip that covers five countries in one week. For those who enjoy independent travel, your agent can arrange a hotel package, which includes centrally-located hotels to base your adventures, as well as a local host to provide key insider information, like where the best off-the-beaten-path restaurants or a pharmacy is located.

Saves You Time – Planning a trip that comprehensively covers one country or attempts to tackle many different countries is a huge challenge for many travelers. Guided vacations take care of all the details for you, so you do not have to spend countless hours researching how to get from bus terminal A to ferry dock B, for example. Plus, they transfer your bags for you at each stage of the trip, giving you more time to enjoy the locale with ease.

No Worries – When you’re on a guided vacation, you have very little to worry about. You have help overcoming the language barrier. You get to see all the must-see sites, where you often get VIP, front-of-the-line access. Your group is automatically taken to quality restaurants where you can sample local specialties without having to translate the menu.

Incredible Rates – Tour providers who offer packages are able to obtain special rates since they buy in bulk. Your travel agent passes these savings on to you, creating a flight/transfers/hotel/tour package for a lot less than you could on your own.

Help when You Need It – Since one company is in charge of every aspect of your journey, your local guides are in a better position to smooth over any unforeseen bumps or hiccups that may arise. Plus, in circumstances like a flight cancellation the tour provider works with your travel agent to find a new flight so that you don’t miss one day of the itinerary.

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